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Molecular Epidemiology and Cardiology

Gustav Smith’s group

Our research

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death globally. Major transitions in the spectrum of heart disease have occurred over time while the end-result, failure of the human heart to maintain sufficient output of blood for the demands of the body, referred to as heart failure, remains a common condition with high mortality rate. 

Notably, the importance of obesity and diabetes for the population burden of heart failure has increased in recent years. 

Our research group seeks to understand the underlying mechanisms of heart muscle disease and dysfunction, identify effective preventive and therapeutic strategies, and facilitate the transition from population-level to individual-level cardiovascular medicine. To this end, we combine a range of methods from molecular biology, bioinformatics, epidemiology, and clinical medicine.


  • To improve understanding of the pathophysiology of heart muscle disease and heart failure.
  • To apply our findings towards improved prevention and therapy for these diseases.


Our research has resulted in the finding of several novel molecular insights into heart muscle disease, including several molecules that are being pursued further towards clinical application.

Research output

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Team members

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Photo of Gustav Smith.

Gustav Smith

Principal Investigator
Senior Lecturer at Lund University
Professor of cardiology at University of Gothenburg
+46 (0)46 17 26 33
gustav [dot] smith [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Gustav Smith's profile in Lund University's research portal


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