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Severe insulin-deficient diabetes – mechanisms & pathways

Leaders for work package 4: Lena Eliasson and Enming Zhang (Enming Zhang acts as Erik Renström’s deputy)

The severe insulin-deficient diabetes (SIDD) subgroup is characterised by non-autoimmune impaired insulin secretion and was previously hidden in the type 2 diabetes group. In this work package we aim to examine underlying mechanisms of to find possible pharmacological targets to be used in personalised treatment. 

LUDC-ICR has access to some of the largest repositories of well-characterised human islets from patients with and without diabetes in the world, allowing us to test most hypotheses involving pancreatic islet function. This work package utilises our large islet RNA data sets as well as a new human islet cell encyclopedia generated by single-cell RNA sequencing, and focuses on miRNA translation pathways, membrane receptor and intracellular Ca2+ signalling pathways. 


  • Identify targetable mechanisms and pathways underlying initiation and progression of SIDD.
  • Identify disease heterogeneities that influence the insulin secretion process.
  • Evaluate the therapeutic potential of novel insulinotropic and glucagonostatic agents.

Selected publications



Lena Eliasson
Work Package Leader
Professor of experimental diabetes research
+46 (0)70 522 54 14
+46 (0)40 39 11 53
lena [dot] eliasson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (lena[dot]eliasson[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)

Enming Zhang
Work Package Leader
Associate Professor of experimental endocrinology
+46 (0)76 036 44 87
+46 (0)40 39 11 18
enming [dot] zhang [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se