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Cardiovascular Research – Hypertension

Olle Melander’s group

Our research

When type 2 diabetes has been determined, a patient’s absolute risk of future cardiovascular disease events remains very high despite available preventive therapies. Thus, primary prevention of diabetes appears instrumental in reducing the population burden of diabetes-related cardiovascular disease. This group focuses on identifying mechanisms causally related to CVD development in order to provide novel targets for drug discovery and targeted lifestyle interventions for use in primary prevention.


Our research aims are to identify modifiable metabolic and hormonal disturbances which precede both diabetes and cardiovascular disease development in the population, and  develop and test preventive therapies against such metabolic and hormonal disturbances. 


If successful, novel primary preventive therapies may be developed and applied in the personalised medicine environment. 

Research output

Link to a list of research output by the group in Lund University’s research portal

Team members

Link to a list of team members in Lund University's research portal

Current major grants

  • Advanced grant in life science from European Research Council 2020-2024 
    Title:Moving from biomarkers to mechanism-oriented prevention of cardiometabolic disease
    Link to project description
  • Project Grant from the Heart and lung foundation 2022-2024
  • Project grants in endocrinology and metabolism from Novo Nordisk 2020-2023
    Title: Intravascular trapping of the Bio-Active form of adrenomedullin as a novel preventive treatment for diabetes and cardiovascular disease
Portrait of Olle Melander. Photo.

Olle Melander

Principal Investigator
Professor of internal medicine 

+46 704 54 68 20
+46 40 39 12 09
olle [dot] melander [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se 

Olle Melander's profile in Lund University research portal 


EXODIAB: Excellence of Diabetes Research in Sweden

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Epihealth: Epidemiology for health

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