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Malmö Exercise

Male subjects with or without a first degree family member with type 2 diabetes (age 37.7±4.3 years) have been invited and selected individuals (25 with FH+ and 25 control subjects) with VO2MAX (32.0±5.0 ml/kg/min) and BMI (28.0±3.1 kg/m2) have been subjected to a health screen, sampling (including muscle biopsies), a physical performance test and an OGTT. These individuals have also completed a 6 months aerobic training period aiming at 3 group-training sessions per week (~60 min training / session, supervised by members of the research group). After the completion of the training period the subjects have again been subjected to the same set of tests, including a second muscle biopsy. The biopsies were taken from the vastus lateralis muscle and subcutaneous white adipose tissue. GWAS as well as expression microarrays and global DNA-methylation measurements on muscle, fat and blood have been conducted.