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Centre for Analysis and Synthesis

Department of Clinical Sciences Lund

PI: Peter Spégel

Advances in our understanding of biology is to a large extent driven by technical and methodological advances. This is also the case for studies of mdetabolsim, the main forcus of our research. We are particularly interested in metabolic diseases, prevalence of which is escalating. Metabolism is a complex network involving thousands of enzymes and metabolites - the metabolome. We use metabolomics, i.e. the determination of as many metabolites as possible in a tissue, to study metabolic diseases.

In our research, we develop analytical methods based on chromatography and mass spectrometry for analysis of metabolites in various tissue. We also apply these methods in studies aiming to increase our understanding of metabolism. Our main focus is on metabolism in enteroendocrine cells, endocrine cells and in blood, and its associaton with metabolic diseases, primarily type 2 diabetes mellitus.