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Laila Jacobsson, laboratory engineer

My name is Laila Jacobsson, I’m living in Björnstorp a small village in the countryside near Romeleåsen outside Lund. I’m a creative and active person and I like gardening and sport/exercise among a lot of other things.
I’m a laboratory engineer, laboratory manager and joined the group 2009. I have been working at the Clinical Research Center since 2006 and before that I was working in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. I’m the backbone in the group, and responsible for the lab where I also support the group-members as well as perform administrative duties.


Laila Jacobsson
E-mail: laila [dot] jacobsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

Research engineer

Molecular Metabolism

+46 40 39 10 22

+46 70 493 21 50

CRC 91-11-018


Lund University Diabetes Centre, CRC, SUS Malmö, Entrance 72, House 91:12. SE-205 02 Malmö. Telephone: +46 40 39 10 00