Vision and ambition

Our vision for Innovation at LUDC/Exodiab:

"To create the world´s leading center for research and innovation in diabetes/metabolism".

By this we mean:

To develop LUDC/EXODIAB to become a major partner to the industry in supporting the development of novel treatment approaches, thus strengthening the consortium, resulting in attracting ambitious PhD Students and funding collaboration projects.


  • Collaborating with the industry to increase our understanding of unmet patient and market needs.
  • Partnering with other organizations that can complement our skills, in particular in the field of drug discovery and medical technology in order to develop projects with strong IP.
  • Build a portfolio of IP projects that are attractive to external financing sources.

LUDC´s Innovation Ambition:

  • Give access to our platforms and knowledge, sharing knowledge and competence
  • Collaboration projects to speed up new drug discovery, diagnostic tools and other medical technology development
  • Identification of research areas with high commercial potential
  • Increase knowledge/interest in IP generation

Position LUDC as a major partner to the industry to develop new approaches for treatment of diabetes and its complications.

Contact us

Annie George Chandy, Innovation manager:

+46 40 39 11 55

+46 70 246 97 97
annie [dot] chandy [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se