Innovation projects and spin outs

Innovation projects


Isabel Goncalves: New Ultra-Sound based sortware for the prediction of strokes and myocardial infarctions

Yang de Marinis: Prediction of type 2 diabetes >4 years before onset

Nils Wierup: Screening for CART (cocaine and amphetamine regulated transcript) receptor agonists to identify drug candidates for treatment of type 2 diabetes and obesity


Charlotte Ling: Project predicting response or intolerance to metformin using a panel of epigenetic markers


Damon Tojjar: Clinical decision Support system for personalized treatment of type 2 diabetes

Dan Holmberg: Project addressing treatment of liver fibrosis with a new molecule

Claes Wollheim, Albert Salehi: VDAC1 inhibitors for disease modifying treatment of type 2 diabetes