Innovation board

The Innovation Board at LUDC includes representatives from the life science industry, as well as the scientific groups. The Innovation Board at LUDC was created in 2011 and the board´s main role is to help drive innovation activities within LUDC, making relevant decisions and releasing funds for projects.

Delegates of the Innovation Board at LUDC:

Erik Renström, Professor, LUDC
Holger Luthman, Professor, LUDC (chair)
Claes Wollheim, Professor, Geneva
Charlotte Ling, Ass. Professor, LUDC
Lena Eliasson, Professor, LUDC
Leif Groop, Professor, LUDC, adj.
Jan Nilsson, Professor, LUDC, adj.
Lars Hedbys, Consultant
Paola Hjelt, Member of the Hjelt Foundation, Geneva
Sibylle Lenz, CEO, Alligator Biosciences
Peter Mörck Eriksen, CEO Sense A/S
Rolf Ehrnström, consultant