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Hindrik Mulder

Hindrik Mulder

Principal investigator

Hindrik Mulder

The GTPase domain of gamma-tubulin is required for normal mitochondrial function and spatial organization


  • Lisa Lindström
  • Tongbin Li
  • Darina Malycheva
  • Arun Kancharla
  • Helén Nilsson
  • Neelanjan Vishnu
  • Hindrik Mulder
  • Martin Johansson
  • Catalina Ana Rosselló
  • Maria Alvarado-Kristensson

Summary, in English

In the cell, γ-tubulin establishes a cellular network of threads named the γ-string meshwork. However, the functions of this meshwork remain to be determined. We investigated the traits of the meshwork and show that γ-strings have the ability to connect the cytoplasm and the mitochondrial DNA together. We also show that γ-tubulin has a role in the maintenance of the mitochondrial network and functions as reduced levels of γ-tubulin or impairment of its GTPase domain disrupts the mitochondrial network and alters both their respiratory capacity and the expression of mitochondrial-related genes. By contrast, reduced mitochondrial number or increased protein levels of γ-tubulin DNA-binding domain enhanced the association of γ-tubulin with mitochondria. Our results demonstrate that γ-tubulin is an important mitochondrial structural component that maintains the mitochondrial network, providing mitochondria with a cellular infrastructure. We propose that γ-tubulin provides a cytoskeletal element that gives form to the mitochondrial network.


  • Molecular Pathology, Malmö
  • Clinical pathology, Malmö
  • Diabetes - Molecular Metabolism
  • EXODIAB: Excellence of Diabetes Research in Sweden
  • BioCARE: Biomarkers in Cancer Medicine improving Health Care, Education and Innovation

Publishing year





Communications Biology




Document type

Journal article


Nature Research


  • Cell and Molecular Biology



Research group

  • Molecular Pathology, Malmö
  • Clinical pathology, Malmö
  • Diabetes - Molecular Metabolism


  • ISSN: 2399-3642