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Eva Degerman

Eva Degerman

Research team manager

Eva Degerman

Importance of cAMP-response element-binding protein in regulation of expression of the murine cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 3B (Pde3b) gene in differentiating 3T3-L1 preadipocytes


  • Hanguan Liu
  • Jing Rong Tang
  • Young Hun Choi
  • Maria Napolitano
  • Steven Hockman
  • Masato Taira
  • Eva Degerman
  • Vincent C. Manganiello

Summary, in English

Incubation of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes with isobutylmethylxanthine (IBMX), dexamethasone, and insulin, alone or in combination, demonstrated that IBMX, which increased cAMP-response element-binding protein (CREB) phosphorylation, was the predominant regulator of Pde3b expression. Real time PCR and immunoblotting indicated that in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes, IBMX-stimulated induction of Pde3b mRNA and protein was markedly inhibited by dominant-negative CREB proteins. By transfecting preadipocytes, differentiating preadipocytes, and HEK293A cells with luciferase reporter vectors containing different fragments of the 5'- flanking region of the Pde3b gene, we identified a distal promoter that contained canonical cis-acting cAMP-response elements (CRE) and a proximal, GC-rich promoter region, which contained atypical CRE. Mutation of the CRE sequences dramatically reduced distal promoter activity; H89 inhibited IBMX-stimulated CREB phosphorylation and proximal and distal promoter activities. Distal promoter activity was stimulated by IBMX and phorbol ester (PMA) in Raw264.7 monocytes, but only by IBMX in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes. Chromatin immunoprecipitation analyses with specific antibodies against CREB, phospho-CREB, and CBP/p300 (CREB-binding protein) showed that these proteins associated with both distal and proximal promoters and that interaction of phospho-CREB, the active form of CREB, with both Pde3b promoter regions was increased in IBMX-treated preadipocytes. These results indicate that CRE in distal and proximal promoter regions and activation of CREB proteins play a crucial role in transcriptional regulation of Pde3b expression during preadipocyte differentiation.


  • Insulin Signal Transduction

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Journal of Biological Chemistry





Document type

Journal article


American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


  • Endocrinology and Diabetes



Research group

  • Insulin Signal Transduction


  • ISSN: 1083-351X