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Eva Degerman

Eva Degerman

Research team manager

Eva Degerman

Identification of new signaling components in the sensory epithelium of human saccule.


  • Eva Degerman
  • Uwe Rauch
  • Olga Göransson
  • Sven Lindberg
  • Anna Hultgårdh
  • Måns Magnusson

Summary, in English

Objective: To locate components and target proteins of relevance for the cAMP and cGMP signaling networks including cAMP and cGMP phosphodiesterases (PDEs), salt-inducible kinases (SIKs), subunits of Na+, K+-ATPases, and aquaporins (AQPs) in the human saccule. Methods: The human saccule was dissected out during the removal of vestibular schwannoma via the translabyrinthine approach and immediately fixed. Immunohistochemistry was performed using PDE, SIK, Na(+), K(+)-ATPase, and AQP antibodies. Results: PDEs selective for cAMP (PDE4A, PDE4D, and PDE8A) and cGMP (PDE9A) as well a dual specificity PDE (PDE10A) were detected in the sensory epithelium of the saccule. Furthermore, AQP2, 4, and 9, SIK1 and the α-1 subunit of the Na(+), K(+)-ATPase were detected. Conclusion: cAMP and cGMP are important regulators of ion and water homeostasis in the inner ear. The identification of PDEs and SIK1 in the vestibular system offers new treatment targets for endolymphatic hydrops. Exactly how the PDEs are connected to SIK1 and the SIK1 substrate Na(+), K(+)-ATPase and to AQPs 2, 4, 9 remains to be elucidated. The dissection of the signaling networks utilizing these components and evaluating their roles will add new basic knowledge regarding inner ear physiology.


  • Insulin Signal Transduction
  • Vessel Wall Biology
  • Protein Phosphorylation
  • Otorhinolaryngology (Lund)
  • EXODIAB: Excellence of Diabetes Research in Sweden

Publishing year





Frontiers in Neurology



Document type

Journal article


Frontiers Media S. A.


  • Endocrinology and Diabetes



Research group

  • Insulin Signal Transduction
  • Vessel Wall Biology
  • Protein Phosphorylation


  • ISSN: 1664-2295