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Perchlorate stimulates insulin secretion by shifting the gating of L-type Ca2+ currents in mouse pancreatic B-cells towards negative potentials

  • Gerd Larsson-Nyren
  • Janove Sehlin
  • Patrik Rorsman
  • Erik Renström
Publishing year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 587-595
Publication/Series: Pflügers Archiv
Volume: 441
Issue: 5
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: Springer

Abstract english

The effects of the chaotrophic anion perchlorate (ClO4-) on glucose-induced electrical activity, exocytosis and ion channel activity in mouse pancreatic B-cells were investigated by patch-clamp recordings and capacitance measurements. ClO4- stimulated glucose-induced electrical activity and increased the action potential frequency by 70% whilst not affecting the membrane potential when applied in the presence of a subthreshold concentration of the sugar. ClO4- did not influence ATP-dependent K (KATP) channel activity and voltage-gated delayed K+ current. Similarly, ClO4- had no effect on Ca2+-dependent exocytosis. The stimulation of electrical activity and insulin secretion was instead attributable to an enhancement of the whole-cell Ca2+ current. This effect was particularly pronounced at voltages around the threshold for action potential initiation and a doubling of the current amplitude was observed at -30 mV. This was due to a 7-mV shift in the gating of the Ca2+ current towards negative voltages. The action of ClO4- was more pronounced when added in the presence of 0.1 mM BAY K8644, whereas no stimulation was observed when applied at a maximal concentration of the agonist (1 mM). Single-channel recordings revealed that the effect of ClO4- on whole-cell currents was principally due to a 60% increase in the mean duration of the long openings and the number of active channels. We propose that ClO4- stimulates insulin secretion and electrical activity by exerting a BAY K8644-like action on Ca2+ channel gating.


  • Endocrinology and Diabetes
  • B-cell
  • Ca 2+ -channel
  • Chaotrophic anion
  • Insulin


  • Islet cell physiology
  • Islet patophysiology
  • ISSN: 0031-6768
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