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Carina Törn


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Normal weight promotes remission and low number of islet antibodies prolong the duration of remission in Type 1 diabetes


  • A Scholin
  • Carina Törn
  • L Nystrom
  • C Berne
  • H Arnqvist
  • G Blohme
  • J Bolinder
  • JW Eriksson
  • I Kockum
  • Mona Landin-Olsson
  • J Ostman
  • FA Karlsson
  • Göran Sundkvist
  • E Bjork

Summary, in English

Aim To identify clinical, immunological and biochemical factors that predict remission, and its duration in a large cohort of young adults with Type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM). Methods In Sweden 362 patients (15-34 years) classified as Type 1 DM were,, included in a prospective, nation-wide population-based study. All patients were followed at local hospitals for examination of HbA(1c) and insulin dosage over a median period after diagnosis of 5 years. Duration of remission defined, as an insulin maintenance dose less than or equal to 0.3 U/kg/24 h and HbA(1c) within the normal range, was analysed in relation to characteristics at diagnosis. Results Remissions were seen in 43% of the patients with a median duration of 8 months (range 1-73). Sixteen per cent had a remission with a duration > 12 months. Among patients with antibodies (ab(+)), bivariate analysis suggested that adult age, absence of low BMI, high plasma C-peptide concentrations, lack of ketonuria or ketoacidosis at diagnosis and low insulin dose at discharge from hospital were associated with a high possibility of achieving remission. Multiple regression showed that normal weight (BMI of 20-24.9 kg/m(2)) was the only factor that remained significant for the possibility of entering remission. In survival analysis among ab(+) remitters, a low number of islet antibodies, one or two instead of three or four, were associated with a long duration of remissions. Conclusion In islet antibody-positive Type 1 DM, normal body weight was the strongest factor for entering remission, whilst a low number of islet antibodies was of importance for the duration.


  • Department of Clinical Sciences, Malmö
  • Medicine, Lund

Publishing year







Diabetic Medicine





Document type

Journal article




  • Endocrinology and Diabetes


  • Type 1 DM
  • remission
  • BMI
  • islet antibodies
  • young adults




  • ISSN: 1464-5491