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Carina Törn


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Long-term sustained autoimmune response to beta cell specific zinc transporter (ZnT8, W, R, Q) in young adult patients with preserved beta cell function at diagnosis of diabetes.


  • Sofie Ingemansson
  • Fariba Vaziri Sani
  • Ulf Lindblad
  • Soffia Gudbjornsdottir
  • Carina Törn

Summary, in English

The aim of this study was to examine whether autoantibodies to: ZnT8-Tryptophan (ZnT8WA), ZnT8-Arginine (ZnT8RA) or ZnT8-Glutamine (ZnT8QA) correlated with C-peptide or other autoantibodies and to assess diagnostic sensitivity of ZnT8WRQA. Specimens from 270 newly diagnosed diabetic subjects (age 15--34 years) and after five 5 years duration of disease were examined. Four linear regression models were used to dissect the importance of different factors from diagnosis for the respective difference of (logZnT8WA), (logZnT8RA) and (logZnT8QA); A) unadjusted model for: initial C-peptide, age, BMI, gender, clinical classification, ICA, GADA, IA-2A, (ZnT8WA/ZnT8RA/ZnT8QA); B) C-peptide corrected for clinical factors; C) C-peptide corrected for autoantibodies; D) C-peptide corrected for all factors. The least decrease of ZnT8WA was observed in patients with high initial C-peptide in all models A) p = 0.054; B) p = 0.021; C) p = 0.047 and D) p = 0.017. A less statistically significant decrease of ZnT8RA was observed in patients with high initial C-peptide in A) p = 0.038 and C) p = 0.047, but this finding was not confirmed in B or D. The decrease of ZnT8QA levels was not related to C-peptide in any model but correlated to age D) p = 0.049. Furthermore, patients with unclassifiable diabetes showed the least decrease in D) p = 0.035. ZnT8WA, ZnT8RA or ZnT8QA were identified as a single autoantibody in 3.8% (10/266) of patients, thereby increasing diagnostic sensitivity from 79.3% (211/266) to 83.1% (221/266). In conclusion, high initial C-peptide was the most important factor even after adjusting for other factors in patients positive for ZnT8WA or ZnT8RA to remain autoantibody positive five 5 years after diagnosis.


  • Celiac Disease and Diabetes Unit
  • Community Medicine
  • EXODIAB: Excellence of Diabetes Research in Sweden

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Journal article


Taylor & Francis


  • Rheumatology and Autoimmunity



Research group

  • Diabetes and Celiac Unit
  • Community Medicine


  • ISSN: 0891-6934