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Åke Lernmark

Principal investigator

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HLA class II is associated with the frequency of glutamic acid decarboxylase M(r) 65,000 autoantibodies in Japanese patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus


  • A. Kasuga
  • A. Falorni
  • T. Maruyama
  • Y. Ozawa
  • C. E. Grubin
  • K. Matsubara
  • I. Takei
  • T. Saruta
  • A. Scheynius
  • Å Lernmark

Summary, in English

Autoantibodies to glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD65Ab) are common in both caucasian and Japanese patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type 1), while the type 1-associated HLA haplotypes differ. In the present study, we analyzed GAD65Ab in relation to HLA-DQ and -DR alleles in Japanese type 1 patients. GAD65Ab were found in 58% short-duration (less than 5 years) type 1, 23% long-duration type 1, 56% slowly progressive type 1, 3% type 2 patients, and 1.7% healthy individuals. In 75 HLA-typed type 1 patients, the GAD65Ab frequency was higher in short-duration patients with DRB1(*)08 allele (100%, Pc < 0.05). GAD65Ab frequencies in DQB1(*)0302, DQB1(*)0303, and DRB1(*)09-positive, long-duration type 1 patients were lower than those in short-duration type 1 patients (14%, 19%, and 20%, Pc < 0.02 compared with short-duration type 1, 90%, 75%, and 71%, respectively), while the frequency varied less in DQB1(*)04 individuals (44% and 30% in short- and long-duration type 1 patients, respectively). These findings were also observed among patients with DRB1(*)04, i.e., the haplotype DRB1(*)0405-DQB1(*)0401 showed less variation in frequency of GAD65Ab (44% and 35% in short- and long-duration type 1 patients, respectively), while DRB1(*)04xx-DQB1(*)0302 showed lower frequency in long-duration type 1 than short-duration (13% and 100%, respectively), Thus, HLA class II is associated with frequency GAD65Ab, and this association might be affected by disease duration in Japanese type 1 patients.

Publishing year







Acta Diabetologica





Document type

Journal article




  • Autoantigen
  • Autoimmunity
  • Human leukocyte antigen
  • Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus




  • ISSN: 0940-5429