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Åke Lernmark

Principal investigator

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A genetic linkage map of the laboratory rat, Rattus norvegicus


  • Howard J. Jacob
  • Donna M. Brown
  • Ruth K. Bunker
  • Mark J. Daly
  • Victor J. Dzau
  • Alec Goodman
  • George Koike
  • Vladimir Kren
  • Theodore Kurtz
  • Åke Lernmark
  • Göran Levan
  • Yi pei Mao
  • Anna Pettersson
  • Michal Pravenec
  • Jason S. Simon
  • Claude Szpirer
  • Josiane Szpirer
  • Maria R. Trolliet
  • Eric S. Winer
  • Eric S. Lander

Summary, in English

We report the construction of the first complete genetic linkage map of the laboratory rat. By testing 1171 simple sequence length polymorphisms (SSLPs), we have identified 432 markers that show polymorphisms between the SHR and BN rat strains and mapped them in a single (SHR × BN) F2 intercross. The loci define 21 large linkage groups corresponding to the 21 rat chromosomes, together with a pair of nearby markers on chromosome 9 that are not linked to the rest of the map. Because 99.5% of the markers fall into one of the 21 large linkage groups, the maps appear to cover the vast majority of the rat genome. The availability of the map should facilitate whole genome scans for genes underlying qualitative and quantitative traits relevant to mammalian physiology and pathobiology.

Publishing year







Nature Genetics





Document type

Journal article


Nature Publishing Group




  • ISSN: 1061-4036