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Åke Lernmark

Principal investigator

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Improved specificity of ICA assays in the Fourth International Immunology of Diabetes Serum Exchange Workshop


  • C. J. Greenbaum
  • J. P. Palmer
  • S. Nagataki
  • Y. Yamaguchi
  • J. L. Molenaar
  • W. A.M. Van Beers
  • N. K. Maclaren
  • A. Lernmark
  • A. A. Villena
  • J. Barbosa
  • C. DeBeaufort
  • D. Becker
  • F. Becker
  • C. Betterle
  • E. Bosi
  • G. F. Bottazzo
  • G. Bright
  • P. Colman
  • R. L. Dawkins

Summary, in English

The goal of the Fourth International Workshop for Standardization of ICA Measurements was to determine the specificity of ICA assays and their ability to distinguish between control sera (n = 57) and sera from IDDM-related individuals-representing relatives of IDDM patients (n = 21), healthy individuals who later developed IDDM (n = 8), or newly diagnosed IDDM patients (n = 23). Results from 28 laboratories were analyzed. The mean specificity (percentage of control sera reported as negative) among 27 laboratories was 91%, including 6 laboratories with 100% specificity. Nevertheless, 78% of laboratories found at least one control sample >0 JDF U. Among samples from first-degree relatives, the mean concordance was 86%, including three sera found negative (0 JDF U) by all laboratories. Among individuals who later developed diabetes, the mean concordance was 93%, with two sera found positive by 100% of laboratories. In sera from newly diagnosed IDDM patients, the mean concordance was 82%. Three sera were found positive and one serum negative by all laboratories. The JDF U of the sera considered to be positive were significantly greater than each laboratory's average for the controls. In conclusion, the results from laboratories participating in the Fourth International ICA Workshop demonstrated excellent specificity, good concordance, and an ability to separate control sera from defined, IDDM- related subjects.

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Journal article


American Diabetes Association Inc.




  • ISSN: 0012-1797