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The Diabetes Programme at Lund University (DPLU)

A network for young diabetes scientists

The DPLU is an academic network within the Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC). The network mainly applies to young scientist, postdoctoral students and PhD students.

DPLU was formed in 2002 and was until 2008 financed by the medical faculty at Lund University. Since then DPLU has played a critical role in organizing and strengthening diabetes research at LU. In fact, DPLU efforts have effectively resulted in a number of joint applications that have generated significant funds, for instance the Lund University Linneus Diabetes Centre (LUDC) (10*10 MSEK). From 2011 and onward LUDC sponsors the activities of DPLU.

DPLU activities

PhD student network

The PhD student network organizes several interesting events and provides a platform for introduction of newly recruited PhD students as well. Examples of activities that have been successfully arranged by this network are; the PhD student day - which is a 1-day symposium with scientific presentations and poster sessions, including a competition for "best poster". Moreover, there is a yealry retreat for the PhD students where they get the opportunity to interact with each other and exchange ideasd and knowledge. The network also arranges a half-day method seminar, focused on techniques used by different groups within the network.

Seminar series

The DPLU seminar series is arranged every semester and gives young scientist (assistant professors, postdocs and PhD students - at late stages of their PhD) a chance to present their current work. These seminars will even further enable young investigators in the network to create and expand their own research interactions and generate opportunities for new collaborations.


Workshops on subjects that are relevant to young researchers, but are not covered in the PhD course curriculum are organized every semester. Examples of workshop themes are "How to review a paper?", "How to write applications?" and "The third task". PhD students and postdocs will have an active part in organizing the workshops to ensure that the subjects are relevant.

Postgraduate course

A postgraduate course in Diabetology has been given 2005, 2007 and 2009 and will be arranged every second year from now (see upcoming events). This course focus on various themes relevant to the network. Important aims of the course are to give clinical PhD students expanded knowledge on molecular mechanism underlying disease, and how these are studied; moreover, to give pre-clinical PhD students increased understanding of how different metabolic conditions, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, are diagnosed and treated in the clinic.

The aim this year is to certify the course on a nationwide basis wigh a nubmer of slots available only for LUC PhD students and our Uppsala University collaborators (EXODIAB/LUDC).

Diabetes Research Day

The network finance and co-organize the yearly Diabetes Research Day, in collaboration with the Linneus Network Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC). The Diabetes Research Day is well established and a highly successful event in which the network are able to promote itself and its research, as well as to invite prominent guests. The Diabetes Research Day also contributes to putting the Medical Faculty and Lund University on the scientific world map. Every year a prestigious prize is presented at this event; DPLU/LUDC Nordic Prize for an Outstanding Young Diabetes Investigator. The prize amount is 50.000 SEK and is currentlyg the largest individual diabetes research prize in the Nordic countries.

PhD grants

The network promote ambitious PhD students and interesting projects with a PhD student grant that is announced at the yearly Diabetes Research Day. Important aims of these grants are for PhD students to practice writing a research proposal and putting together a grant application.

Mobility grant

PhD students and postdocs within the network are able to apply for mobility grants, enabling them to spend time (minimum two weeks) in another LUDC laboratory, in order to learn new methods or make use of specialized equipment and experimental models. These grants are valuable for the PhD students in that they expand their methodological repertoire and their scientific network within the Faculty. The grants are also fertilize collaborations within the network.


Lund University Diabetes Centre, CRC, SUS Malmö, Jan Waldenströms gata 35, House 91:12. SE-214 28 Malmö. Telephone: +46 40 39 10 00