Prize winner 2007

Prize winner

Hindrik Mulder

Unit of Molecular Metabolism
Department of Experimental Medical Science
Lund University

Hindrik Mulder
Hindrik Mulder


The 2007 DPLU/LUDC Nordic Prize for an Outstanding Young Diabetes Investigator is awarded to Hindrik Mulder for his innovative and fundamental studies of molecular mechanisms underlying beta-cell dysfunction. Of particular importance is his research on metabolism in the pancreatic beta-cells, the role of hormone-sensitive lipase in beta-cells, and his studies of diabetes in an animal model of Huntington’s disease, which has resulted in novel insights into the association between neurodegenerative and endocrine disorders. Together these studies have and will continue to increase our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that ensure adequate beta-cell mass and beta-cell function, which in turn will allow the development of better diagnostic and therapeutical tools for the treatment of diabetes.