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The Diabetes Programme at Lund University (DPLU)

A network for young diabetes scientists

The DPLU is an academic network within the Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC). The network mainly applies to young scientist, postdoctoral students and PhD students.

DPLU was formed in 2002 and was until 2008 financed by the medical faculty at Lund University. Since its conception, DPLU has played a critical role in organizing and strengthening diabetes research at LU. In fact, DPLU efforts have effectively resulted in a number of joint applications that have generated significant funds, for instance the Lund University Linneus Diabetes Centre (LUDC) (10*10 MSEK). From 2011 and onward LUDC sponsors the activities of DPLU.

PhD student network

The PhD student network organizes several yearly events and provides a platform for introduction of newly recruited PhD students.

Postdoc Network

After some quiet years, the Postdoc network reactivated its activities in 2019. the aim of this group is integration and increased network visibility.

DPLU activities

The Phd Student and Postdoc Networks make up about 100 researcher within DPLU. As such they co-arrange events for att members of DPLU as detailed below.

Young Researchers Day

Young Researchers Day is a 1-day symposium (arranged annually at the end of the year) with scientific presentations and poster sessions organized by the PhD Students and Postdoc Networks. The attendees have the opportunity to interact with each other and exchange ideas and knowledge, as well as to compete on a best poster presentation.

Half-day Methodology Seminar

The PhD Student and Postdoc Networks also arrange a half-day methodology seminar, focused on techniques used by different groups within LUDC as well as external speakers. Held annually in the spring.

Seminar series

The DPLU seminar series is arranged every semester and presents young scientist (assistant professors, postdocs and PhD students at late stages of their PhD) with an opportunity to present their current work. These seminars enable young investigators in the network to create and expand their own research interactions and generate opportunities for new collaborations.


Workshops are organized on subjects that are relevant to young researchers, but are not covered in the PhD course curriculum are organized every semester. Examples of workshop themes are "How to review a paper?", "How to write applications?" and "The third task". PhD students and postdocs will have an active part in organizing the workshops to ensure that the subjects are relevant.

Postgraduate course

The postgraduate course in Diabetology began in 2003 and is arranged every second year (see upcoming events). The course focuses on various themes relevant to the network. The aim of the course is to give a deep and broad understanding of the different aspects of diabetes. The course covers experimental research and molecular mechanisms of diabetes as well as clinical diagnostics and treatment. The course is open to all European PhD students and psotdocs with an interest in diabetes.

Diabetes Research Day

DPLU finances and co-organizes the yearly Diabetes Research Day, in collaboration with the Linneus Network Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC). The Diabetes Research Day is well-established and highly successful event in which the scientists wthin the DPLU network are able to present their research alongside prominent guest scientists in the field. The Diabetes Research Day also contributes to put the Medical Faculty and Lund University on the scientific world map. Every year a prestigious prize is presented at this event; the Leif C. Groop award for outstanding diabetes research. The prize amount is 100.000SEK and sponsored by Novo Nordisk Scandinavia.

PhD grants

DPLU supports ambitious PhD students and promising projects with a PhD student grant that is announced at the yearly Diabetes Research Day. The aim of these grants is to encourage PhD students to train their writing skills for granst applications and research proposals.





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