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WP5 - Severe Insulin-Resistant Diabetes (SIRD) - mechanisms & pathways

WP leaders

Ola Hansson and Eva Degerman


  • To identify targetable mechanisms and pathways underlying initiation and progression of SIRD
  • To identify common pathways of insulin resistance in various target organs



















Selected publications

  • Pålbrink AK et al. Inner ear is a target for insulin signaling and insulin resistance: evidence from mice and auditory HEI-OC1 cells. BMJ Open Diabetes Res Care 2020
  • Mohr AA et al. A glucose-stimulated BOLD fMRI study of hypothalamic dysfunction in mice fed a high-fat and high-sucrose diet. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 2020
  • Degerman E et al. Endolymphatic hydrops induced by different mechanisms responds differentially to spironolactone: a rationale for understanding the diversity of treatment responses in hydropic inner ear disease. Acta Otolaryngol 2019
  • Morén B et al. EHD2 regulates adipocyte function and is enriched at cell surface-associated lipid droplets in primary human adipocytes. Mol Biol Cell 2019
  • Hien TT et al. MicroRNA-dependent regulation of KLF4 by glucose in vascular smooth muscle. J Cell Physiol 2018